postybell is the first sensor device to alert you upon receiving postmail,
no matter how far you are from your postbox.

postybell goes the extra mile

(and much more)

We are consuming knowledge at an online pace, in every area of our lives. That is, almost every area. postybell finally marches postmail (A.K.A snail mail) to the online era, informing you when you receive letters or packages to your postbox, wherever you are. Now, we know attempts have been made to create a device similar to postybell. Yet, they all relied on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technologies, alerting you ONLY if you were located within a short distance from your postbox. postybell eliminates the distance barrier, sending you a real-time cellular alert, no matter where you are (even when you’re abroad!).

How it works

postybell features two smart modules:

1. A proximity sensor

2. A GSM module Now, this is how it all happens:

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